My video review of CPA Cash Cannon:

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cpa-cash-cannon-boxCheck out the interview I did with Pallab Goshal about his new CPA cash cannon product, it's all about how he's getting traffic from youtube (without creating videos) as low as $0.06 cents per visitor and turning that into commissions (without having the visitors buy anything)

Here are my thoughts about it...

The course is detailed, so even if you never before tried CPA marketing by the time you're done with the videos you'll know exactly what's up...

Quick aside, if you don't know what CPA marketing is, essentially it's all about getting your visitor to take an ACTION,

The action does not have to be a sale, it could be submit an email, it could be fill out a form, it could be submit your zip code, fill out a survey.. etc...

And when the visitor does, you get paid a certain commission for that, it could be as low as $0.10 or as high as few dollars.

The course wil break down exactly where to go to get access to offers, what offers to pick, and how to get the traffic...

Its essentially the classic "affiliate" model, send traffic, user takes action, commission is produced...

But the twist he has with this course is the source of traffic..

I have not seen many courses talk about Youtube traffic in the way he uses it, especially because he doesn't even create his own videos...

I know it sounds weird but thats what the twist here is..

The funny part is I'm personally use Youtube all the time and I had no clue that this was even possible.

And I want to be clear, there is nothing grey hat or black hat here, it's all 100% legal and above board...

Really neat little trick I was not aware of...


A few other cool things i've noticed inside is he shows you how to get $100 from google so you can start your campaigns with some budget to spend on ads 🙂

And he also covers list building in this course, which is something you should ALWAYS be doing online, otherwise you're literally starting from scratch every time you sit in front of your PC

As part of the list building module he shows you LIVE how to set up a capture page, which is kind of cool...

So to summarize,

CPA Cash Cannon offers a lot of information which can be a blessing and a curse,

Its great because by the time you're done you'll know exactly what needs to be done,

The otherside of that is that there is a bunch of moving parts and I know from experience that sometimes when you have to go through things like keyword research, selecting offers, etc it can be a little overbearing...

So do I recommend this product?

The short answer, yes, why, because not many people are doing it and you'll have WAY less competition than if you use facebook ads as an example...

On the other hand, there is a bit of a learning curve so don't expect $1000 paydays in like 30 mins after starting out...

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