Deadline Dollars – The Deadline Funnel Alternative…

Deadline Dollars is a brand new online software that is a Deadline Funnel alternative.

In this post I’ll be going over the major differences between Deadline Dollars and Deadline Funnel.

Before we begin, I have to mention that I am the creator of Deadline Dollars so this review might be a bit bias… ( but not by much… ) haha

OK, all jokes aside, lets get started.

What is Deadline Dollars

Just like Deadline Funnel, its an online software tool that creates authentic timers that are individually personalized to each of your leads.

Once a lead gets a deadline, you can then display that unique deadline to that lead on all of your promotion pages, and emails.

How is Deadline Dollars Different Than Deadline Funnel

Here are the main differences:

#1. Deadline Dollars has a feature called “page snippets”

This feature allows you to embed the deadline on the page as words.

Example, lets say that the deadline is January 1 2024 at 8pm for that specific lead,

You can take that deadline and “sprinkle” that date all over the page like this:

“Dear friend, this promotion ends January 1st at 8pm”

Here is a video tutorial showing you exactly how this is done ( this is straight from inside the tutorials section in Deadline Dollars )

Deadline Dollars Page Snippets Feature

#2. Deadline Dollars has Milestones

Deadline Dollars is not just a better priced Deadline Funnel alternative…

Milestone campaigns is a feature pioneered by Deadline Dollars that allow you to create “Milestone” Deadlines within your main deadline campaign.

One of my favorite campaigns to use is a 7 day webinar campaign promotion that has 2 automated webinars that start a day after the lead enters the campaign…

Example, if the campaign is a 7 day campaign starting on Monday, on Tuesday at 8pm I always invite the lead to a webinar. ( this is a milestone )

That webinar has its own deadline and the page, emails and all my communication is 100% synced to show that deadline.

If the lead misses the webinar or arrives late, they clearly see the have no access and often this leads to them thinking

“oh, these deadlines are 100% real… I better not miss the next one”

This feature is unique to Deadline Dollars and as far as I know its not available in Deadline Funnel.

#3. No branding, logos, or other silliness…

Deadline Dollars has no branding on the timers you use.

Deadline Funnel does add their branding on your timers ( on their basic plan )

#4. Deadline Dollars has larger lead capacity than Deadline Funnel

Maybe you’re looking for a Deadline Funnel Alternative because of the capacity…

Deadline dollars has up to a 50k lead capacity for the same price you’d only get 1,000 lead capacity per month with Deadline Funnel…

50k lead capacity is pretty big campaigns…

And you can double up on that if you need to by getting a second account ( combos are available if you need them with Deadline Dollars. )

#5. Deadline Dollars has 5 campaign types

Here are the campaign types you can run with Deadline Dollars:

#6. Unlimited campaigns ( not limited to 3 like in Deadline Funnel )

The Deadline Funnel alternative Deadline Dollars does not limit you to 3 campaigns.

Its 100% UNLIMITED campaigns, you’re only limited by the amount of leads you can run through the system.

Now Deadline Funnel does offer higher plans with unlimited campaigns but those are at a higher price point than you’d ever pay with Deadline Dollars.

How can you get Deadline Dollars?

Deadline Dollars is not open to the public yet, but you can request a beta invitation here

You can also check my software page for other alternatives to popular software you use

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