I love using software because it allows me to automate things and frees up more time to do the things I need to do.

If you are a solo-prenuer like myself and have 0 employees, you know the value of time and how previous it is.

You'll only find tools and recommendations on this page that I personally use myself.

( I strongly believe you should only recommend to others what you personally use yourself… )

Authentic Deadline Timer Automation

Authentic deadlines allow you to build massive trust with your audience.

As opposed to fake deadlines where each time the visitor refreshes the page they can see the timer resets…

Deadline Dollars is an online software that allows you to do exactly that.

This silly little timer software allowed me to generate as much as $66k in a single week leveraging the power of deadlines and the trust they build.

The way it works is it assigns individual deadlines to each visitor and allows you to run promotions that feel like a “live launch” even tho they are 100% evergreen.

Deadline Dollars is not open to the public, its by invite only and you can request a beta invitation here

( This is not a tool for beginners, so I'm assuming you already got an email list, and a product to sell in order to use this… )