Deadline Funnel Login – Before You Proceed…

You most likely searched for Deadline Funnel Login because you are a Deadline Funnel customer and have been using it to add urgency to your campaigns. Great!

But did you know that there is a brand new Deadline Funnel alternative on the market?

It’s called Deadline Dollars.

Just like Deadline Funnel, its also an online tool that lets you login to an online dashboard and create campaigns, the biggest difference is:

So before you proceed to Deadline Funnel to Login, take a minute and check out Deadline Dollars.

Does Deadline Dollars Have Integrations?

Yes, it does.

You probably have a favorite CRM tool which you integrate with Deadline Funnel, like convert kit, or Active Campaign or other similar tools.

Deadline Dollars ( just like Deadline Funnel ) enables you to send webhooks to your favorite CRM’s to add leads to a campaign and create a unique deadline for that specific lead.

So essentially each lead is assigned a deadline which then you can display in your CRM emails, your pages, etc.

You can add leads directly from your CRM using a webhook or you can bulk import leads to start a campaign for all of them at the same time.

What About Pricing / Lead Capacity?

Deadline Funnel’s pricing starts at $39/m or $49/m and you can use it with up to 1,000 leads per month ( higher plans are available, at a higher price… up to $199 / m )

Deadline Dollars has simplified pricing and for the same price you pay for Deadline Funnel’s basic plan you’d be getting up to 50k lead capacity.

( Not to mention all the additional features, for a full comparison of Deadline Funnel VS Deadline Dollars click here to read my details blog post )

Timers – Deadline Funnel VS Deadline Dollars

Deadline Funnel offers beautifully designed timers you can add to your page, usually in a form on a floating bar with a big countdown ( which you can customize to match your brand. )

Deadline Dollars takes a different approach, instead of a floating bar, you get timers you can actually embed onto your page as part of the page


( What the countdowns look like on the page , both flip countdown and text based )


So put your Deadline Funnel Login on hold for just a few minutes, and check out Deadline Dollars it might save you some $$ and give you more features 🙂

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your day 🙂

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