– Easy way to increase email open rates, clicks and engagement

If you have an email list and you want to increase email open rates, clicks and overall engagement here’s 1 simple thing you could do today to instantly improve your results.

Email marketing is all about getting attention.

When you send out an email you are looking to capture the subscribers attention so they open the email read it and click on your link.

For your subscribers to pay attention to you, you first have to show them that you are paying attention to them…

You got their email because they were interested to learn more about what you got, or wanted to get your “free thing”

But other than that, you haven’t shown them any personal attention what so ever other than sending them emails that they know every other subscriber is getting.

So here’s a simple way to fix that.

PROVIDE PERSONAL ATTENTION (in a way that’s costing you ZERO time…)

Take a look at the image below:

This is me holding a 3×5 card with a hand written note that includes the subscribers name right on it.

I use this in my welcome emails… promo emails… webinar emails… confirmation emails… follow up emails… and almost every other email I send.

This image is generated dynamically for me with a special software called magnetic pics

I upload an image of me holding a blank 3×5 card… add the text I want it to show… and it dynamically generates the image on the fly, in real time, to EACH subscriber in their inbox…


Each subscriber who receives the image nearly falls off their chair every time I do this…

“Oh… David took the time to write me a personal note…”

It almost has the same effect as getting a hand written Christmas card from a friend…

Do you normally ignore people who send you handwritten cards?

No… I didn’t think so…

This is the exact same…

They just don’t ignore my emails where before many of them did…

This works especially well if you are in a hyper competitive niche, (example, I’m in affiliate marketing… SUPER competitive …)

But that doesn’t matter because my subscribers see me differently because I send them notes like this one.


There’s multiple plans available for beginners all the way to business plans and they start as low as $15/ month…

You can increase as your business grows, and that’s the point…

This tool is designed to help your business grow so the cost is irrelevant since it would pay for itself 100 times over with increased opens, clicks, and engagement that can lead to more sales in your business.


To increase your email open rates, clicks and engagement, SHOW and GIVE your subscribers the same attention you are expecting to get from them. is a simple automated tool that can help you achieve that and it adds ZERO work for you on a daily basis.

You just set it up once.

Upload the image you want, add the text, stick it in the auto responder (it works with all of them by the way..) and you’re all set!