LiveGood Review ( and team bonuses )

November 2022 I was approached many times online about an opportunity called LiveGood.

Out of curiosity I checked it out… and it was the classic health supplement MLM company but with a twist…

This is what it looks like

Most health MLM companies while having high quality products, also have hefty price tags associated with their products.

The inflated prices are so they can pay their distributors / affiliates.

But LiveGood took a different approach, they created high quality products but with wholesale pricing…

Even still, I decided not to get involved at the time because it was brand new.

And I have a rule, not to get involved with brand new companies because some of them don’t make it…

What Changed My Mind…

6 months later I took another peek at LiveGood reviews and saw that they already had over 500k pre-enrolled members.

To me that was a clear sign that this opportunity is here to stay….

So I got involved.

5 Reasons Why You Should Join Livegood After Reading This Review.

I personally ordered the protein shake, coffee, and skin creams because after watching reviews from members they had nothing but great stuff to say about it.

Bonuses If You Join From My Link:

I enrolled over 162 people into the opportunity my first 4.5 days and I have a very specific way I promote and very specific traffic I use.

I use a marketing system that takes care of all of this for me.

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Bonuses include:

#1. Access to my entire marketing system for livegood

#2. Special video showing you how I lose up to 4.5 lbs a week

#3. Special team leader software to help you grow your team faster with group traffic runs.


If you’re looking for an opportunity that you can get involved in that would help you improve your health PLUS help others do the same PLUS improve your financial situation.

Livegood may be a good fit for you.

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