How To Leverage Bonuses To Get Sales With a “Make Money Online” Bizopp type offer.

The make money online niche is a bit confusing if you’re just starting out.

At first, it looks like it’s super saturated with a ton of people promoting the same stuff.

I’ve been in programs where its literally hundreds of thousands of registered affiliates to the same program.

In this post I want to show you how you can leverage bonuses to bypass your competition and not only make sales, but also to go beyond that and win contests, get your name on the leaderboard, etc…

So lets get started.

The first (and really only thing) you’ll need is a…


Bonuses are extra things you’re going to offer when someone buys from your affiliate link.

If you don’t add bonuses, then you are truly competing against all those other affiliates.

But if you add some bonuses, you’re essentially not competing with anyone anymore because what you’re offering is NOT the same as what they are offering because of the bonuses you’re adding.

If someone wants your bonuses, they just can’t get it anywhere else (and this is a VERY good thing.)

Most people before they buy anything, they go to google and search for “product name” + bonus or “program name” + review and bonuses

Because most people are smart shoppers and they realize that if they buy something, they might as well get some extras.

And I don’t blame them, I do it too… it’s natural, we all do it.

So Here’s an example of a bonus package I put together for a promotion that literally was making $2,000 commissions over and over and over again (made me over $102k in just 60 days…)

The product was an online training platform with videos (typical training program) that offer education on internet marketing and they included some “done for you” pages for the customer, and the ability to sell those products and make 100% commissions.

So what I did is I created a bonus package for it.

The bonuses included:

  1. A funnel they can use to promote this product PLUS other additional products at the same time
  2. I do the follow up emails
  3. I provide the traffic training
  4. A traffic rotation software (so they can use it to offer bonuses to their new team members)
  5. A traffic course on how to get sales using Facebook.
  6. And any sales they make, I give my bonuses to their sign-ups too…

Now, compare this bonus package with someone who does NOT have a bonus package…

I then put all these bonuses on a bonus page where they can see all of them with an affiliate link.

And taaa…. daa….. commissions started rolling in.

This is the power of adding bonuses to an affiliate offer especially in the make money online niche.

Now, if you’re new, you have 2 challenges you have to overcome.

Challenge #1 – You don’t have any bonuses to offer.

Here’s how you solve that, there’s 24 ways to do it.

First, you could offer some type of a “setup” type bonus.

Meaning, your bonus is “join me and I’ll get xyz set up for you”

Usually whenever someone joins a program there’s always some type of a setup thats required, like an auto responder, affiliate ID’s, etc…

You could simply DO that for the person signing up with you as a bonus for them signing up through your affiliate link and you making a commission.

It might not seem like a big deal, but believe me, it is… people LOVE done-for-you stuff.

Second way you could solve it is by offering what’s called “private label rights” type bonuses.

There are places online where you can get products that would give you high quality products, videos, software, reports, etc so you can leverage as your bonuses.

You never have to lift a finger to create the product, but still have the ability to give it away when someone buys from you.

I go into this in depth in my “Bonus Domination” training which in a minute I’ll tell you how you can get it for free.

Challenge #2

The second problem you’re going to encounter is even if you do have bonuses to give away, you still need to build a “bonus page” where you can easily show your bonuses to your visitor in a way they want to take you up on it.

I’ve created many bonus pages and I can tell you, they are a pain in the butt to make because there’s so many moving parts you have to consider.

The presentation, the images, the value stack, the instructions, the buttons, etc…

But year after year I keep making them, simply because they just work.

Recently tho, I had an idea to automate this completely and I created a brand new software that does just that.

A full bonus page, complete and ready to go in just a couple of minutes.

The program is called the Better Bonus Page program

One of the bonuses I give you when you join this program is a special video training called “Bonus Domination”

Where I go deep into 24 different types of bonuses you can offer with your promotions.

I’m not saying you NEED 24 bonuses with every promotion, but its helpful to know all the types of bonuses you can give so you can quickly put together bonus packages and start getting sales ASAP.

Here’s what the better bonus page looks like (in action…)

Better Bonus Page

and you can also join it and get the bonuses right from that bonus page.