– Easy way to increase email open rates, clicks and engagement

If you have an email list and you want to increase email open rates, clicks and overall engagement here’s 1 simple thing you could do today to instantly improve your results. Email marketing is all about getting attention. When you send out an email you are looking to capture the subscribers attention so they open […]

LiveGood Review ( and team bonuses )

November 2022 I was approached many times online about an opportunity called LiveGood. Out of curiosity I checked it out… and it was the classic health supplement MLM company but with a twist… This is what it looks like Most health MLM companies while having high quality products, also have hefty price tags associated with […] Alternative ( No Monthly Fees… ) is SaaS tool that helps you generate social proof on your page and there are multiple levels of service they offer. I’ve tested similar tools and witnessed first hand how they increase conversions. It works… PERIOD. But it also has a monthly fee attached to it… and its not cheap… It starts at $79 […]

Deadline Funnel Login – Before You Proceed…

You most likely searched for Deadline Funnel Login because you are a Deadline Funnel customer and have been using it to add urgency to your campaigns. Great! But did you know that there is a brand new Deadline Funnel alternative on the market? It’s called Deadline Dollars. Just like Deadline Funnel, its also an online […]

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Deadline Dollars – The Deadline Funnel Alternative…

Deadline Dollars is a brand new online software that is a Deadline Funnel alternative. In this post I’ll be going over the major differences between Deadline Dollars and Deadline Funnel. Before we begin, I have to mention that I am the creator of Deadline Dollars so this review might be a bit bias… ( but […]

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I love using software because it allows me to automate things and frees up more time to do the things I need to do. If you are a solo-prenuer like myself and have 0 employees, you know the value of time and how previous it is. You’ll only find tools and recommendations on this page […]


I’m a strong believer that you should only recommend to others what you use yourself. The latest funnel I’ve built is a high-ticket funnel that promotes software applications with lifetime memberships. This includes a giveaway software ( so you can run giveaways to grow your list and social media audience ) A click tracking solution […]