My video review of 1Click WP:

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1click-wp-boxWant to make quick $5 / $10 while pushing just 1 click and wait 60 seconds per client? watch this interview I did with Giri who is the developer of 1Click WP, a new software that will allow you to install / clone / and backup Wordpress sites in seconds...

WordPress sites have grown in popularity so much that a super high amount of sites you currently visit are most likely on that platform.

The site you're on right now if you're reading this is WordPress as well 🙂

Its just one of those super easy kind of systems to use that is growing in demand every single day

So how can you jump in on the trend and make some money while you're at it?

Simple, you could offer a service like "wordpress installation" but there is a problem with that

Its time consuming and if you're doing them manually it's no better than having a job trading time for money...

But 1Click WP solves this problem.

The software enables you to install, clone, and backup WordPress sites in SECONDS without even having to log into the cpanel web address.

Its all done remotely from 1 dashboard.

What you get is a centeral console you log into and you can manage all the installs from just 1 place.

So essentially what would have taken an average person about an hour to 2 hours to do, now you can do in 60 seconds pusing just 1 button.

Pretty cool if you ask me...

To turn this into a business is the part you want to focus on here because Giri is offering a developers package with 1Click WP that will enable you to set up CLIENT sites with just 1 click.

The interface is super easy to use and everything is done with just... you guessed it... 1 click...

See here:


This is the part I like best about it,

Every install you create though the system will also install a Wordpress plugin that will allow you to control the site later,

This is important because you can also offer a backup service, you can delete a site, reinstall it, and so much more...

Essentially it's a full control panel you can use to manage multiple clients sites from just 1 dashboard.

So where would you go to offer this service?

The answer,

Check this out:


Its 100% free to list this on fiverr and you can start doing this 5 minutes after you get 1Click WP

If you do decide to pick it up i've put together a bonus package for you below for you to pick it up once it goes live.

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My bonus package if you get it through my link below:


How To Setup WordPress - detailed video series


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This is a product I'm releasing to the market on September 16th and it's not even available for sale anywhere on the web yet

What it does is it enables you to turn any page out there on the internet into your "presell" page and puts YOUR affiliate links on it, using presell pages has made me HUNDREDS of dollars with different promotions i've done and now you can leverage that strategy too.

This Wordpress plugin comes with the upgraded UNLIMITED + DEVELOPER license rights meaning you can install it on any of your sites and any of your client sites, 5 or 5000 sites, no problem.

This is a time sensitive upgrade as well, I'm only keeping this up for the first 24 hours of the release so this is bonus ENDS on september 13th 2016 at midnight 11.59pm.

check out a demo of it here: