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explaindio-3-0-splash My video review of explaindio 3.0:

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explaindio3box2-600wIn 2014 I remember landing on a video that had those cool word transitions and voice over explaining how the product works and what it was about and it got me to watch the entire video, It was a product about some automation tool for youtube and I remember picking it up just because I was so hypnotized by the video...

I always wanted to be able to create those kind of videos and several months later a tool came out called Explaindio which was the answer,

Fast forward to today, Explaindio is still lightyears ahead of everything else that is available to be able to create those mesmerising looking videos in an even easier format by just dragging and dropping some things on the screen...

I wanted to invite the creator of the software, Andrew Darius to come on the show and tell you more about Explaindio and how it can completely take your business to the next level, check out this interview I did with him where he reveals why he even created this to begin with...:

Lets start the review...

First of, this would work on either platform, windows or mac, and it does not require an internet connection to work which is cool because you can work on videos while on a long plane ride or just outside in a coffee shop...

All the basic features from previous versions are there, the ability to drag and drop things on the screen has been added in this version, and the biggest feature,


Now you have access to a library of real "cartoons" you can use to make your videos,

So one super simple way you can use this software right away if you never made a dime online before is to simply make videos for OTHER businesses...

Take 3 hours, learn how to use the software and then use the built in templates to simply customize the text inside and sell them to dentists, injury lawyers, locksmiths, etc...

Each video could go for at least $100, do 1 per day and thats your $3,000 income right there, for simply changing up some text to include the details of that specific business.

There are graphic / video professionals charging upwards of $1,000 per minute for this stuff, for a short 2-3 minute video you can easily get $100

You can also do intro videos super easily with it and charge $5-$30 per 10 second video, check out this gig on fiverr:


This dude clearly says right in the description, no custom videos besides the name, it takes him probably around 1 minute to change the text and another 5 minutes to export the video and he is BOOKED UP...  41 orders in queue (see below title)

over 7,000 sold just from this 1 gig...

That doesn't include any additional orders or upgrades that people order...

And it's WIDE open, there's just too much demand for this stuff and not enough people to deliver it...

In order to be able to sell the videos you will need a commercial license which is $10 more than the regular personal license so I recommend you strongly consider it instead of the regular one,

As far as your own videos go, this opens up a wide range of different types of videos you can add to capture the attention of your visitors very very quickly,

And it also takes care of the big "i don't want to be on camera" problem since you don't have to anymore once you have this as your video, all you gotta do is do the voice over the slides and you're good to go...

If you do decide to pick it up i've put together a bonus package for you below that includes how I personally create my own video sales letters from content perspective, pretty much the EXACT 16 steps I use for every video and on top of that I also build one right in front of you in the 16x VSL program.

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