How To Set Up Zero Park PUSH Ads As Traffic Source In CPVLAB

If you tried to run a Zero Park PUSH ads campaign on CPVLAB using the provided traffic source template, you got it set up wrong…

Zero Park PUSH ads need to be set up differently on CPVLAB and in this blog post i'll show you exactly how to do it so your reporting is flawless.

Lets get started:

Exact Settings On CPVLAB (video)

Watch this video to see exactly how I have it set up:

Make sure to watch the video first because I explain what to do with the postback URL (if you want to use it, and also where to get it from)

Here are my EXACT settings in my CPVLAB installation:

CPVLAB settings for zero park push ads as traffic source
CPVLAB settings for zero park push ads as traffic source

Campaign Settings

When you set up a campaign, you want to define Zero Park PUSH ads as the traffic source specifically, and…

Make sure to add the extra tokens (see image below)

Here is my exact campaign setup:

If you set it up this way, all of the available data will pass to CPVLAB and…

You'll have accurate reporting based on the TARGET (not the keyword… which is used only in pop and domain campaigns in zero park…)