Turn Your PASSION Into a Full Time Income – Passion Blog PRO

Watch my interview with the product creator Demetris Papadopoulos here for the full details: Turn Your Passion Into a Full-time income, possible? Passion Blog PRO is all about turning your opinions, reviews, and content into commissions… In a nutshell… Lets look at how it’s done… Essentially think about it this way… if you ever considered buying […]

Making Sales Without Creating Products – Youtube Ad Excellence

When I first got started online, I had no clue how to create a product… If you’re on this page now, maybe you want to get started online as well but have no idea how to create products… There is one solution tho… to kinda “bypass” the entire product creation process… It’s called PLR, stands for […]

Why I No Longer HATE Affiliate Marketing… – Affiliate Trax

For years i’ve been against the “traditional” affiliate marketing because it seemed flat out stupid to me… You do all the work… and the product owner gets all the benefits, the buyer while just throwing you a “doggy bone” commission for your efforts… But that’s about to change, big time… Here’s why… Today i’ll be […]